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About Us

Get A Taste Of Our
Indonesian Food Heritage in NSW

Shalom Restaurant is a legacy of family-owned and operated
restaurant, over two decades in the making.

Shalom was one of the first Indonesian restaurant that came to Australia in the 90’s. Started from a humble beginning in Sydney, Shalom introduce Indonesian cuisine that has strong flavors that came from all natural ingredients.

Being around the neighborhood to remind the Indonesian people of their hometown cooking, Shalom now has been known among among the local communities of Australia. Shalom restaurant always comes with a price and value to beat!

With Shalom’s Indonesian distinctive flavor that is so rich in traditional spices and seasonings, you won’t be easy to to found it elsewhere. Our customers, both local residents and Indonesian immigrants always found their own favorite indulgence from series of variations on our menu. The freshness of local raw materials and the quality of Australian meat just made our dish even more delicious compared with the original dish in Indonesia.

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